New Skate Shop Opens at Cornwall Services

Woody’s Relaunch – Shop Specialising in Wooden Skateboards

Woody’s at Cornwall Services has opened its doors again, following a re-launch of the business. The woodcraft specialist has decided to focus on its line of bespoke wooden skateboards for it’s new, larger shop.

The shop, housed in a double cabin to the side of the Cornwall Services Amenity Building, is focused on skateboarding, and predominantly Woody’s hand crafted wooden skateboards. The shop supplies a variety of plain veneered or coloured skate decks for customers to choose from, as well as a selection of trucks and wheels in a range of colours. For an extra cost, the customer can further customise their board as Woody’s has a CNC machine, which can etch a personal design on to the deck. Once the customer has chosen their decks, trucks and wheels the board is assembled free of charge and grip added to the top – the result is a truly bespoke board!

As well as the plain Woody’s decks, the shop also has a selection of decks from local companies, as well as a range of surf boards and wetsuits, clothing and safety wear and a good range of scooters.

The shop will have a small ramp outside, courtesy of Mount Hawke Skate Park, where for a donation customers can try out their new board. Money raised will go directly back to Mount Hawke Skate Park, which is a not-for-profit charity. The Woody’s team is hoping to expand on this in the future by having a large portable skate park which can be assembled and used for a variety of charity events raising funds for worthy local causes. Watch this space!

The shop is open 10am to 5pm every day and you can follow Woody’s on Facebook and Instagram @woodyscornwall.


Posted: May 16, 2017 at 9:33 am