Cornwall Services Wins People’s Choice Changing Places Award 2016

It was today been announced that Cornwall Services has won the People’s Choice Changing Places Toilet of the Year 2016.

Rachel George and her son Adam are both active campaigners for Changing Places and hoist / changing assisted toilets for those with additional needs in Cornwall (Follow her online blog here). They were delighted to present the award to Alex Lawson of Cornwall Services today.

Rachel and Adam initially visited Cornwall Services with a whole range of their own equipment and carers to help Adam, when Cornwall Services Manager Alex Lawson spotted and spoke to them to find out why so much equipment was needed. From then on he was introduced to the campaign and within months Cornwall Services were inviting Rachel and Adam back to the official opening. You may have seen them interviewed by Channel 4’s No Go Britain last year. (Watch the video online here).

The Changing Places toilet in question includes all the   essential equipment for those with for whom a standard disabled toilet just isn’t suitable; a hoist needed to transfer and an adult size changing table to allow a hygienic and safe platform to change someone as well as a range of other essential equipment. But what makes this this Changing Places so special is the thought that has gone in to the detail. Adam delighted in showing us the range of fish (all of which are named) on the wall, as well as a glorious beach scene on the ceiling that helps users relax and have something to look at whilst being changed. Cornwall Services can only be described as thoughtful. From their excellent signage, through to making sure guests who look like they may need the facilities, are informed it is there.

With all of this taken into consideration, the voters were unanimous in their praise for the Cornwall Services Changing Places toilet; just some of the glowing comments below.

They installed it because one person asked and did it within 3 months. They are proud and keen to advertise it. They have the Changing Places symbol on the roadside signs, they have more signage on the totems in the car park and once inside. The team are always trying to make it better and it has artwork on the ceiling, fish on the tiles and is always clean. The attitude here though is exceptional. Very few places care like these guys.

There were numerous mentions among the voters of the cleanliness, as well as the fast response of installation following the requests for such a facility.

The positive and helpful attitude of the staff was another strong theme amongst the voters, all of which makes Cornwall Services the People’s Choice Changing Places of the Year 2016.

Great location, they were amazingly helpful and quick to install once they realised how much it was needed.

Many people have said with the addition of the Changing Places toilet, Cornwall Services has evolved for both Cornish residents and tourists into a destination, not just a stop along the way. With an indoor activity centre, shops and places to eat, those in need of Changing Places toilets have somewhere to come and be welcomed.





Posted: March 22, 2017 at 2:43 pm